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    How To Care For Your Payne Glasses

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    Even at manufactured prices, prescription glasses are an investment! The time and energy put into choosing the perfect pair for you definitely should not be wasted. Follow along with our tips and tricks to always keep your Payne glasses at their best!

    Cleaning Your Glasses

    Daily wear results in daily dust and smudges, both of which can affect your vision! Here are some things to keep in mind when tidying up your specs:

    • Clean Your Lenses Daily
      After a day on the go, your glasses are sure to gradually accumulate debris over time. A quick tidy a day will cut back on having a dirty field of view.
    • Polish Using Our Cloth
      When you order with us, your glasses come with a deluxe microfiber cloth designed specifically for cleaning your lenses. This heavy-duty cloth gets those smears and smudges off as well as all other debris.
    • Just Water
      With our glasses, we make it easy! Aside from the cloth, we only recommend using a bit of warm water along with our cloth to clean your glasses. Purchasing other cleaning solutions and products will not be necessary!

    Storing Your Glasses

    The longevity of your glasses can be directly dependent on how well you store them, both at home and on the move. Take a look at these tips for keeping your glasses in prime condition:

    • Keep Your Glasses In The Case
      An obvious one, we know! Storing your glasses in the case will protect them during travel by preventing accidental damage, such as bents or scratches. It’s recommended to place your glasses in the case facing upwards so they’re less susceptible to scratches during travel. We also recommend to keep or even order an extra case to have as a backup!
    • Avoid Extreme Temperatures
      This goes especially for sunglasses, but avoid leaving any pair of glasses in an overly hot area for extended periods of time. Heat can warp both the frame and the lenses quickly over time in extreme temperatures. Be sure to never leave your glasses on the car dashboard when parked in direct sunlight!
    • Set Your Glasses Down Carefully
      If you ever do need to place your glasses down without a case, do so with care. Make sure to never place your glasses on any surface with the lenses facing down. This can very easily damage your lenses in a short amount of time. You’ll always want to fold the temple arms in and rest them with the lenses facing upwards.

    For all of your glasses care needs, check out our Payne Glasses selection of eyeglass accessories, including eyeglass cases, cleaning cloths, eyeglass straps, and even clip-on shades!


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